Responsive Google AdSense

Just add this Responsive Google AdSense snippet code to your website page to make your Google ads responsive to any devices if Google’s native responsive code does not work for you.

Source: Snippet by Digital Inspiration

How to solve the “font not embedded” problem to pass PDF eXpress

In some conferences (e.g, IEEE conferences), you might need to check and verify your paper with PDF eXpress before you submit your final paper  (

Once you’re ready with your camera-ready paper, you checked your paper with PDF eXpress, and then.. Dang! You got the “font not embedded” error message, and your PDF file has failed the PDF check!!

For some people , this issue can be so frustrating (especially when you try to submit your paper close to the deadline!).

To address the above issue, the following link is such a life saver:

Now , suppose you use latex, here are some steps that I’ve done to get my paper passed thePDF eXpress check:

  • Open the folder where you put your latex files.
  • (In my case, I use Windows 7) Type the following commands in cmd:
  1. latex your_file.tex
  2. bibtex your_file
  3. latex your_file.tex
  4. latex your_file.tex (at this stage, you will produce your_file dvi)
  5. dvips -Ppdf -G0 -tletter your_file dvi.dvi (here you’ll generate
  6. ps2pdf -dCompatibilityLevel#1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS#/prepress your_file.pdf (now, you have your_file.pdf!).

Done! You can now submit your pdf file to PDF express.
Hopefully you’ll pass the PDF check this time, Goodluck!



Python: How to debug Python code using “pdb” module

One of the most important feature when you are making a code is “debugging”, whether you are new or even pro, you might need this feature. And how to do it when you are programming in Python without any IDE? you might use Terminal or Command Line in Windows to do so. This video is about How to do it in Windows, anyway it works in Unix environment. I found this video is helpful, hopefully also for you.

If you prefer to read the documentation, you can read it here (

How to make a Ubuntu bootable USB stick in OSX Maverick

Yesterday I had a little problem with my Ubuntu linux notebook. It was just because I installed Gnome 3.10 in my Ubuntu 13.10 and made it crash badly. I tried to reinstall my old notebook via bootable DVD, unfortunately the DVD-Rom did not work as I expected. So I tried to figure out how to solve it using USB stick. Another issue was that how to make it bootable using OSX Maverick notebook and I found this article.

The steps are exactly as similar as in the article, but I faced a little issue when it comes to convert .iso file to .img. Instead of execute it using hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img ~/path/to/ubuntu.iso , I didt it this way  hdiutil convert ~/path/to/ubuntu.iso -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img .

So, to summary, these are the steps I did to make a Ubuntu bootable USB stick in OSX Maverick:

  1. First of all, download the Ubuntu desktop iso file,
  2. Open the Terminal using Spotlight to be easier ( cmd +  space and type terminal, enter)
  3. Using Terminal, locate the .iso file on your notebook and run this command,

    , as mentioned in the article, OS X tends to add .dmg to the .img file. That’s just fine, just remove the .dmg trailing.
  4. Insert your USB stick (at least 2 GB free space),
  5. Still in the Terminal, run  diskutil list to get current list of devices attached to the notebook. Then determine the device node assigned to your USB stick, e.g  /dev/disk1
  6. Unmount (not Eject) the USB by running  diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1 . Note, replace number 1 in /dev/disk1 with whatever it assigned to USB when you do previous step.
  7. Do make bootable USB by executing this command,
  8. If the process is finished, eject the stick using  diskutil eject /dev/disk1 and remove it.
  9. Done and use it as bootable USB stick when you start the notebook you want to install Ubuntu.

That’s all the steps I’ve done and the bootable USB stick is working properly.

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How to center multiple figures in LaTex

Hi Guys,

Below you can find  a block of code to center your  figures in Latex.

In this example, two figures are used.


Hope this is useful.