Python: Simple K Nearest Neighbours Classifier

Simple, quick and dirty implementation about k-nearest neighbours (KNN) algorithm for classification (k nearest neighbours classifier) in Python 2.75 with NumPy and SciPy help. You may want to read about the KNN on Wiki. Anyway, here is the code. You may also observe the dataset first to help you understand the code. 


Ubuntu essential knowledges

I migrated to Ubuntu one year ago, but I still don’t get the essential operation there. So, I put some random Ubuntu essential knowledges about it especially when it come to web development. Here there are several links I’ve found useful*. Structure of file system File permission Web development […]

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Responsive Google AdSense

Just add this Responsive Google AdSense snippet code to your website page to make your Google ads responsive to any devices if Google’s native responsive code does not work for you.

  Source: Snippet by Digital Inspiration

How to solve the “font not embedded” problem to pass PDF eXpress

In some conferences (e.g, IEEE conferences), you might need to check and verify your paper with PDF eXpress before you submit your final paper  ( Once you’re ready with your camera-ready paper, you checked your paper with PDF eXpress, and then.. Dang! You got the “font not embedded” error message, and your PDF file has failed […]

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How to center multiple figures in LaTex

Hi Guys, Below you can find  a block of code to center your  figures in Latex. In this example, two figures are used.

Preview: Hope this is useful. Reference  

Links: Java and XML Tutorials

(Tuts for myself). Here are some article links about XML and how to parse it in Java using XPath. They might be useful. A comprehensive tutorial article about Java and XML written by Jacob Jenkov. It’s easy to digest and practical. An easy introduction to XPath in HTML or XHTML by A […]

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